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2022 Bedford Dwellings Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Application FAQ’s

February 2, 2022
  1. What is Choice Neighborhoods?

The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh (HACP) is applying for the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant (CNI Grant) administered by HUD in the 2022 calendar year. The CNI Grant would provide federal resources for redevelopment of Bedford Dwellings public housing.  The CNI Grant will also support supportive services and critical community improvement activities that would enhance the quality of life for current Bedford Dwellings residents. There are three main components of Choice: Housing, People, and Neighborhood.

  1. Didn’t HACP already apply for this grant?

Yes. HACP applied in 2018 for the $30 million CNI Grant for the redevelopment of the lower portion of Bedford Dwellings, the seven buildings along Somers Drive.  We were not awarded the competitive grant because HUD did not favor the partial redevelopment plan. We are reapplying in 2022 for the redevelopment of the entire Bedford Dwellings community.

  1. What does the survey have to do with Choice Neighborhoods?

The resident survey is required by the CNI Grant program and will inform all aspects of the CNI Grant application.  

  1. Why should I do the survey?

The survey is a way to have your individual voice heard. There will be questions related to your experience with services and what services, housing options, and community amenities you are interested in for you and your family.   We value your input and your time. Therefore, we will be compensating you for your participation in the survey.  

  1. How will the information be used?

We will compile the data from all the completed surveys and use it to guide the People Plan which focuses on Health, Employment and Education services, and physical plan such as replacement housing program and critical community improvement plan. All information is confidential and, HACP will not have access to individual responses. This information has no impact on your current standing with HACP.  

  1. When will I have to move?

Redeveloping the entire Bedford Dwellings community will take several years. HACP is applying for Low Income Housing Tax Credits for a first phase of redevelopment.  The initial phase will be completed in 2024/2025. The first phase are replacement units households living in the Lower Portion of Bedford Dwellings (seven buildings along Somers Drive area).  HACP is committed to implement a “build first” to the great extent possible.

  1. Will I be able to keep the same number of bedrooms? 

You will get the bedroom size you qualify for. If you have an extra bedroom as a reasonable accommodation, you will retain that accommodation.  All families will be returned to the bedroom size federal housing program rules require for your household composition (including any reasonable accommodation).   

  1. Do we get to come back? 

Yes, residents that are in good standing*, meet all income eligibility requirements, and remain lease compliant** shall have the right to return. (*In general, residents are in Good Standing, if a resident does not currently have an ongoing legal dispute with HACP and has not been evicted and/or in the process of eviction.) (**lease-compliant at the time of departure from the housing prior to relocation and continued to remain lease-compliant during the relocation period) 

    9. Do we pay utilities when we come back? 

Yes, however, a utility allowance under federal program guides will be available. 

    10.  Will rents increase? 

No. Residents will not have to pay more than 30% of their income on rent. 

    11.  Will existing residents of Bedford Dwellings need a Section 8 voucher for new units? 

Existing residents of Bedford Dwellings who are income eligible and meet screening requirements can receive either a tenant-based housing choice voucher (or typically known as section 8 voucher) or project-based voucher as well as other housing options (such as other public housing community) for their temporary and/or permanent relocation units if they choose to do so. 

   12. What will the screening criteria be to move into new unit? 

Existing Bedford Dwellings residents will have a right to return for new replacement units and will not be subject to re-screening. Residents that are in good standing, meet all income eligibility requirements, and have remained lease compliant shall have the right to return. 

    13. When will we know if we won the grant?

We anticipate that HUD will begin accepting applications for the CNI Grant in the fall of 2022. We should know if we are awarded by mid-2023.